Family Promise of Waukesha County has been changing the lives of families experiencing homelessness. 90% of families who complete the program remain in their homes.  In these videos Melissa, James and Michelle talk about the impact Family Promise has had on their family.


In This Together is the theme of our mid-year fund appeal. The goal of this appeal is to fundraise $30,000 to be used to bolster our prevention fund and provide the necessary resources to shelter families in a new way. The slogan, In This Together, became popular at the onset of COVID-19 as a reminder of the responsibility we have to each other. It is also the principle that Family Promise is based on. Family Promise is a unique program in that a key characteristic of our organization is the involvement of the community. Understanding the responsibility that we have to one another, that we are In This Together, is why our program is transformational. It is because of your compassion, your support, and your care that empowers families to begin again.


+ Over 120,000 people have died.

+ 2 million plus people have contracted the virus.

+ 40 Million people have filed for unemployment.

+ 35% of those whose income is less than $15,000 are at a high risk of serious illness if infected with COVID-19.

+ 23% of lower income families say they have reserve funds.

+ Nearly 50% of renters lack confidence about paying rent.

+ 1 in 4 renters spend more than 50% of their income on housing.


During the Covid-19 pandemic, Family Promise of Waukesha County had to suspend our shelter program. To support families we began The Family Homelessness Prevention Program to allow families to remain in their homes. While this has been helpful, we recognize a rising need for a family shelter program. Therefore, in this fund appeal, we are seeking resources to shelter families in a hotel, apartment or other static site option. Listed below are approximations of what a donation at that amount could provide a family.

DAY CENTER   $2000

Day Center provides a home base for families and provides support and stability. Case Management is an essential service at the Day Center.

We feel strongly about supporting our community. We have three children and we cannot imagine having to do what these families have to go through each and every day 

RENT  $1200

This would cover the cost of rent for one month in a two bedroom apartment either through prevention or sheltering.

Our motivation stems from gratitude. We are blessed . . . We see how COVID has adversely impacted employment here . . . when basic needs are met, families are able to shift their focus to religion, spirituality, and education.

HOTEL  $500

This would cover the cost of housing a family in a hotel for one week. 

It can help break the cycle of poverty and crime. In these times we need to look at the bigger picture; our brothers and sisters need our help.


Provide assistance  for a gas, electric or water bill for one month.

I just want to say thank you. I hope you know you’re amazing people and we appreciate you. God Bless You All….


Assist families with diapers, hygiene products and other household supplies.

You took our family from the very beginning to the end and you continue with us . . . we are still here, we are still connected.