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It is the season of giving. This year you can provide a family what they need more than anything else:  a home. The families we serve struggle paying for rent, utilities, medicine, and food. It is a crushing situation when a family has to choose between paying a medical bill or rent. Some families get so far behind that they lose their home.  Imagine sitting down for your holiday dinner in your car or tent or not being able to gather for this meal at all. Family Promise of Waukesha County is working to change this. With your help, this holiday season, you can provide families experiencing homelessness with the gift of a home.

Our goal is to raise $60,000 in November and December. These funds could provide:

  • Apartment Shelter for 8 families for 3 months $2500 or
  • Rent Relief for 60 families for one month $1000 or
  • Utility Assistance for 600 families for a month.

Coupled with Case Management providing shelter, rent relief, utility assistance and security deposits these efforts place families on the path to independence and a permanent home.


This is the season of Home-Giving!


You can participate in the Home Giving Campaign as an individual, or we invite you to consider organizing your family, business, friendship group, social club, civic group, or congregation to collectively give a home at a level that makes sense to you.

For a family to achieve a home they need us to help them add the doors, windows, bricks, and shingles. Each item has a cost. Members of your group would donate the cost of the item until you have collectively met your goal.

Here is how your gift as an individual or group can support families experiencing homelessness.


Shingles offer protection. When a family does not have a home, they are vulnerable to the elements and the darkness of despair. To illustrate the vulnerability of a low-income family, it has been noted that 60% of families cannot absorb an expense of $400 or more.

With this gift:

$50 will help families with needs for their home like cleaning and hygiene products for one month.

TIER 2: BRICKS, $100


Having a home offers a family a safe and stable foundation. Families without a home, are often found sleeping in a car, tent or the floor of a friend or family member. Their lives can be are transient, and chaotic. Having a home stabilizes life and allows families to establish routines. 

With this gift:

$100 will cover the cost of utilities for a family for one month.

TIER 3: WINDOW,  $500

The window provides a view of possibilities for the future. Many low-income families and families experiencing homelessness are subject to the Tyranny of the Moment. This means that their focus is on survival. Long-term decision making is next to impossible in this mode. Having a home allows for families to breathe, look to the future, and believe that there is something more in store for them.

With this gift:

$500 often covers the cost of a security deposit. It can also support the Family Resource Center and the monthly expenses to ensure the center is a relevant resource for families.

TIER 4: DOOR,  $1000

By providing a door, you are opening the door to opportunity, to a life of hope and positivity versus a life of cynicism and negativity.  You are opening a door to adequate health care, a stable school situation, and a door that will relieve the stress homelessness puts on relationships within the family.

With this gift:

$1000 provides rent relief for a family who has fallen behind OR covers the cost of apartment shelter for one month.


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